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The frog story: quick reaction macro field test with Nikon D4

I usually don't photograph wildlife, but when I saw this tiny frog sitting on my basement glass door, I had to grab the camera.

Late one evening, while in the basement, I noticed a little baby frog sitting on the glass door.  The frog measured about an inch and a half.  I grabbed the camera and started setting up tripod as fast as I could.  I thought the frog would leave, but it sat there, oblivious to my actions on the other side of the door.

Here's a snapshot of the frog with my phone.

I have setup the tripod and started taking images.  I used a Nikkor 24-85mm macro lens, zooming in all the way to 85mm.  The aperture was locked at f/4, shutter speed was about 1/2 of a second.  Because the light was dim, I had to raise the ISO to 1600.  D4 is the low light king, so I knew there will be no problem there.  I put the camera on self-timer to minimize the camera shake.

I took a few shots, changing the exposure slightly.  Then I brought the images into my Mac, chose the one I thought was the best of the set.  The adjustment were minor - contrast, color temperature, and cropping - thats about it.

So, below is the final image.  I didn't clean up some of the glass imperfections, so what you see is what the camera saw, minus a slight contrast and color adjustment.  I would say it is a pretty good image, considering how bad the lighting conditions were, as well as the small size of the frog.

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