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What's in my gear bag?

Nikon D4 - what's in my gear bag - push processed

I believe that equipment should be the extension of the artist.  I dont chase the latest and greatest gear (except for D4, because it is a great camera that I plan on keeping for a long time).  I am also not into too tech details and tests.  I believe real-life field tests are more valuable.  Also, it is not the camera that makes the image, it is the photographer/cinematographer.

But, it helps to have the right gear.  So, in my pursuit of the right gear, this what I currently have, used to have, or want to have ;)

Here's what I currently have:
  1. Nikon D4
  2. Nikkor 80-200mm 2.8
  3. Nikkor 24-85mm 2.8-4
  4. Nikkor 50mm 1.4
  5. Nikkor 12-24mm (DX)
  6. Manfrotto Photo tripod
  7. SB800 speedlite
  8. SB600 speedlite
  9. Vella 10pin Remote for Nikon
  10. No brand DSLR Shoulder Rig
  11. Flashpoint Mattebox
  12. indieSystem follow focus

Here's what I sold and no longer have:
  1. Panasonic HPX300
  2. Redrock mattebox
  3. Redrock follow focus
  4. Glidecam X4500
  5. Libec Video Tripod
  6. Nikon F5

Here's what I want to have ;)
  1. Atomos Ninja 2 field recorder/monitor
  2. Video Tripod
  3. On-camera field monitor (5 or 7 inch) for AC

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