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'Dexter' using Nikon D800, Cameron remakes 'Titanic' in 3D, + 'Zero Dark Thirty' Oscar nomination...

Here are couple of stories that caught my eye this month (January 2013).

1. Studio Daily posted an article about the award winning TV series Dexter using Nikon D800 as their B Camera along with A cam Alexa. Pretty impressive! Nikon’s D800 Gets Down and Dirty for Dexter.
For its type, size and price, the D800's exceptional color depth, dynamic range and very low noise at high ISOs (all of which I witnessed firsthand during a recent test run of the camera) are well suited to an edgy show like Dexter that shifts relentlessly from the full-sun, high-contrast Miami streets to dimly lit, cave-like interiors. A series of tests at Panavision last spring showed the Dexter creators just how well the camera could keep pace with the Alexa, convincing them to make the D800 the show's primary second-unit camera.

2. James Cameron says that in this this 3D version of Titanic, the ship still sinks ;)  The article by NY Times explains the process of making a 3D film from a 2D material: Inside the 3-D Conversion of ‘Titanic’.
While the version returning to theaters on Wednesday is the same cut that was released 15 years ago, the film’s 4K digital remastering and its meticulous 3-D conversion make for a fresh visual experience. The process spanned over 60 weeks and cost about $18 million to achieve a look that seems as if it had been originally shot with 3-D cameras.

3. San Jose Mercury News posted an interesting piece about Zero Dark Thirty: Oscars 2013 analysis: What happened to "Zero Dark Thirty" and "Les Miserables"?
A funny thing happened to "Zero Dark Thirty," "Argo" and "Les Miserables" on their way to being major Oscar contenders: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences voters forgot to follow the script.

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