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Another challenging assignment of photographing a band performance... In order to preserve the mood of the show (dimly lit, high contrast) I had to shoot a very high ISO. This is what happened...

RevUp show at Crusaders in Frederick, MD on 17 August 2013.

I used my Nikon D4 for this shoot, and, as always, it didn't let me down. The D4 is the low light king, and for this assignment it was perfect.

The performance was good; I enjoyed it. The band had more lights at this show, including a laser system. And, to my surprise they utilized a smoke machine - Awesome!

The smoke, even though released only a few times, added to the mood of the show, which made for good atmosphere photos.

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I decided to go with the black and white look for the final images, as they offered more of documentary, personal, behind-the-scenes photos. The photos were done at various ISOs, several at 12800, some at 6400, and some at 3200. The light scheme kept changing, so I had to change the ISO.

Well, you be the judge of the final images - leave your comments below...

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