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How To Create Amazing Bird Photographs

photographing birds, bird photography

This is a guest post by Mike Chase. See author information below.

Bird photography is one of the most common types of nature photography. Common as it is, capturing great avian pictures is very hard to accomplish. Birds in flight are fast creatures so trying to capture them with lousy equipment and no photography skills will be almost impossible.

If luck is on your side then this will still help, but to be a better photographer, we must learn everything that we can.

Binary Pixel: New sensor tech promises wide DR recording in DSLRs

binary pixel sensor promises wide dynamic range for DSLRs

New sensor tech promises wide dynamic range for DSLR sensors

DSLR sensors always had an issue with processing wide dynamic range. Usually, if the highlights are clipped, no information is recorded in those areas; if we expose for the highlights then information in the shadows is lost. DP Review recently reported on a new sensor technology called "Binary Pixel" introduced by a U.S. company Rambus.

This new technology promises to retain highlights information, while exposing properly in the shadow areas!