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Film Title: PRODUCTS OF INFLUENCE Writer/Director: Evan Taff DP: Serge Batyrshin Current status: Preproduction For more info go to PROJECTS

Living a dream as a photographer & filmmaker

Nikon D4s promo video by Corey Rich in one word: Incredible!

New Nikon D4s promo video shows off D4s' video capability and looks stunning!

Corey Rich posted his new video showcasing the newly released Nikon D4s. While the D4s is not a big leap from the D4 in my opinion - the video clearly shows that D4s is a viable contender in the DSLR/cinema camera market for shooting cinematic professional content.

PRODUCTS OF INFLUENCE movie - screen grabs from the teaser, Director's Video, + Kickstarter campaign in the works...

  • Products of Influence movie - trailer screen grabs
  • Products of Influence movie - trailer screen grabs
  • Products of Influence movie - trailer screen grabs
  • Products of Influence movie - trailer screen grabs
While moving slowly, we're taking the necessary steps to make this project come to life. Recently we've filmed Director's Video for Kickstarter [link coming soon]. We're also working on the film's website.

PRODUCTS OF INFLUENCE preproduction continues...

Gritty documentary feel from a good performance and a good time!

  • Evan Taff's band RevUp
  • concert photography
  • concert photos
  • live performance photo
  • Rev Up
Another challenging assignment of photographing a band performance... In order to preserve the mood of the show (dimly lit, high contrast) I had to shoot a very high ISO. This is what happened...

RevUp show at Crusaders in Frederick, MD on 17 August 2013.

Why Have We Become Such A Violent Society? POI Promo Trailer/Teaser - limited release

POI sheds light on the violence in our society.

Currently, we're in the middle of attempting to bring an adaptation of the Products of Influence novel to the independent film circuit. Evan Taff and I are trying to reach out to film producers, directors, and other professionals with the goal of producing a film version of the novel.

Rule of thirds: rules are meant to be broken, but not this one

Photography rule of thirds explained

Use this fundamental concept to make better photos.

The "Rule of the Thirds" is a fundamental truth among photographers and artists. I suppose that it's not really a rule though. You can think of it more as a "guideline". So, in that case, I guess that there are times when it can be broken. Before we talk about breaking the rule, let's talk about what the rule is all about. It's tough to know when to break a rule if you don't know when to apply it.