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Photography Tips

Informal and Unofficial List of Photography Tips, Tricks, and Techniques, That I Have Collected Over The Years

I have put together a collection of photography advice: some obtained through experimentation  some through formal studies.  At some point I will get this organized, but for now, it is what it is. Enjoy!

1.  Dont chase the latest camera, pick a system (Canon, Nikon), get a decent camera, and invest in lenses.

2.  Robert Capa once said: "If it's not good enough, you're not close enough".  So get close to your subjects.

3.  Photograph on aperture or shutter priority when starting out, then only in manual mode.  Leran to see what aperture and shutter speed does to your images.

4.  Slow down, when making images.  Think about what you want to achieve with them.

5.  Try different angles: low, high, anything that will make a photo more interesting and unusual.

6.  Learn the rule of thirds and other compositional fundamentals like leading lines, angles, foreground/background.

7.  Learn how to use a flash.  

8.  Use a tripod for landscape photos.

9.  Environmental portraits should have the environment as part of the story.  Make it interesting.

10.  Experiment with 'bulb' shutter setting.  Doing this at night in the city will make interesting images.

11.  Use a reflector for portraits outside to fill in the shadows.

12.  More to come / work in progress...

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